Underdog Organic

Offering people delicious healthy and affordable comfort food.

Underdog is an eco-friendly restaurant located in the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco. We have built a solid reputation since 2006 by serving delicious food focused on natural, local and organic that supports the health of both people and the environment.

Our menu changes monthly and sometimes daily.

Visit our Facebook Page or call  (415)665-8881

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Fifty cent beer with purchase! 😃



  • Best hot dogs and sausages in SF!!!!! This place is only 8ft wide and really easy to walk by. I was drawn in by the 1$ beer special but blown away by the amazing homemade sausages!! I had the jamaican jerk chicken and the steph curry lamb with sunset topping and both were as legit as the undefeated NBA champs!! I’ll be back to this little sausage box in the sunset!

    Coco T. via Yelp

  • Absolutely delicious. Amazing service, such friendly people who make the experience lovely and help explain the overwhelming menu. Vegetarian & vegan options are tasty as are the regular dogs! Yum! Will be back

    Tasha B. via Yelp

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